One of our greatest joys in finding inspiration, enjoyment and freedom of being in nature and in natural environments, and it is for this reason we are continually looking to find ways to be more sustainable looking out for the future of our plant. As a growing brand we are looking for ways to grow in a way that does no harm to people and the environment.

We do this through designing products that are trans-seasonal, use ONLY natural materials and aim to work with only locally sourced or low impact materials.

Using naturally derived fabrics over synthetics reduces CO2 emmisions dramatically, and as we grow we are able to establish better relationships with suippliers who source from Sustainable Water Stewardship which makes sure all of the below is kept in check and not overlooked ~

- Soil Health

- Pesticides And Crop Protection

- Greenhouse Gas Emissions

- Decent Work

- Gender Equality

“Consciously designed clothing, to allow movement, unrestricted and with compassion for your body”.

Other than choosing cruelty-free natural fibres, we also feel inspired to challenge ourselves, and as much as possible opting for eco-friendly trims on all styles too. Materials such as fresh river, coconut, and ceramic for buttons, or antique nickel plated aluminium for the mechanism components.

Aside from trims, we prioritise clothing labels, printing and packaging which is compostable, recyclable and/or up-cycled. Aside from the garments design and finishes, we feel inspired when naming a new range to subconsciously shed light, and further awareness on our natural environment and the local artisans living, and working within it too;

The ‘NAY-kər Collection’ (SS20'21) meaning 'Mother of Pearl' celebrates The Great African Sea-forest and the fascinating creatures that live in it.

The ‘Handcrafted Collection’ (AW21) celebrates craft, which is characteristically carried through in the detailed designs, and unique hand-made decor.

Both collections opened the door new collaborations, craftsmanship and commissions;

Innocent, who is based in Muizenberg, SA weaved two bespoke chairs into steel frames, based on a design we created.

Andie Reeves, who is a fibre artist, and the founder of Cape Town Craft Club, was commissioned by us to create a 100% natural, textured wall hanging with a mix media of ropes and cotton strips.

Another company (manufacturer) we're very proud to work with; Nomvula’s Knitters, founded by Francis Becker says ‘What started as a project in job creation, is now driving evident social and economical change’.

With knitters owning 51% of the business, aside from their monthly (above minimum wage) salary too. We work from an option of mohair, bamboo, wool, cotton or recycled waste yarn fibres, which are sourced only an hour away in Port Elizabeth, giving them a strong low-carbon footprint.

We also keep smaller pieces for any future possible garment repairs. When we have produced a style which has not sold well, or there's stock leftover after an extended period of time, we re-use these garments to create other unique designs; E.g. With last years knitted skirts which haven’t sold well, we are currently re-using the knit to make unique tops, which will be available early next year 2022.

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We're inspired..

We as a brand feel motivated in growing Sama Sama and driving new and innovative ways to create and design sustainably. Through this, we can create positive impact around us and adopt a way of living with the hopes that it contributes to the further well-being and education, within our economy, environment and individually as people.