Hello 2021, we are all in this together!


Hello, and thank you for joining us!

Despite the complexities of running a small business in a global pandemic, we worked super hard throughout the year, putting together some new staples in the Classics Collection, as well as our new available Knits, and Woven styles! There are so many opportunities unfolding and we are excited to continue growing. Please sign up as a subscriber to receive news updates, as well as surveys and questionnaires as to how we can become a more circular fashion brand O Celebrating a Green Ethos.

We aim to continue sustaining and supporting our suppliers, and manufacturers through this (what feels like a never-ending) economic upheaval. We will not loose sight of our love to remain ethical and sustainable through all our processes within the brand, and continue to work on ways to be 100% plastic free..

We are very excited to be working with some new companies in South Africa, who's determination to make positive social impact through their business is inspiring. We have been collaborating further with some new designs, that have launched recently check them out here - Hand-painted and designed by Nina Henry, follow her story by reading on further down our homepage.

Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.


here's to new things

A collaborative effort, created with love...

A story of a womxn inspired to make art; Nina Henry. "This project came about when I approached Sama Sama with the intention to design a 'never-ending' line of faces, that for me represent the countless womxn, who are all connected living and lost / pause for a moment of recognition / in our ongoing fight against Gender-based violence.

It is time to be present;

It is time to be acknowledged;

As we emerge from this shadow of the patriachy and in doing so, support one another in all of our unique glory. "

For every purchase made, R120.00 will be donated to Rape Crisis, in the hope to provide support to vulnarable womxn, who are doing their best to remove themselves from harmful environments. In turn, allowing them the opportunity to focus on their aspirations****

~ Shop these designs, being our everyday go-to Tote and Bucket Hat in our Classics Collection now ~