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Hello, & thank you for joining us.

This year, despite the complexities of running a small business during a global pandemic, we have been working super hard putting together our Classics Collection, with more to come, and steadily our Handcrafted range. There are so many exciting opportunities showing up and we are excited to continue growing.

We aim to continue sustaining and supporting our suppliers, and manufacturers through this economic upheaval. We will not loose sight of our love to remain ethical and sustainable through all processes within the brand, and continue to work on ways to be 100% plastic free.

We are very excited to be working with some new companies in South Africa, who's determination to make positive social impact through their business is inspiring. You can order our latest collection on Pre-Order with limited stock available, this helps keep our delivery time frame as short as possible. Production has started and is expected to be shipping by the 3rd week of September. Orders will be open from the 21st of August at 10 am, and will be available while stocks last.

Subscribers will have first dibs and will receive a discount codes for the launch. 

Please Contact us should you have any questions.


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