A collaborative effort, designed from love..

Another more recent collaboration entitled; ‘A story of a woman inspired to make art by Nina Henry. "This project came about when I approached Sama Sama with the intention to design a never-ending line of faces, that for me represent the countless women, who are all connected living and lost in our ongoing fight against Gender-based violence.”
Showcased a mix of totes and bucket hats designs with a unique hand-painted design on each item. Through this collaboration with Nina, and with every purchase made, R120.00 will be donated to Rape Crisis. We have raise just over R 5000.00 to date.
We're very proud to have supported Rape Crisis in their on-going battle against gender-based violence and this is a thank you reminder we wanted to share from them to us and from us to you! As this wouldn't be possible without your support too.

Our handmade Classic Dungaree buttons..

We have collaborated, and established a long-standing and proud working relationship with owner of Lichen&Leaf, artist and maker, Cynthia Edwards.
Together we dreamt up and created our ceramic buttons, adding a unique touch of originality to our classic dungarees, which are now a firm Sama Sama forever favourite. 
Made from polymer clay and mottled with a mix of whichever colour-ways we running for that season.
Follow Cynthia's journey @lichenandleaf

The Join The Dance fundraising Campaign..

After 3 short months, with everyone's collective efforts, R14 250 was raised in total for the children that attend The Earthchild Project. This money will go into their 'Nurture an Eco-Warrior' fund, where R350 provides weekly environmental education to one child for a year. That means 40 children have been directly impacted by your efforts to make the Join The Dance Campaign a success. 

Thank you Sama Sama for being involved and supporting us. We believe that it is through education that people will gain an understanding of the importance to think and act in a conscious, sustainable manner; and by your help, The Earthchild Project is able to put this into action.”

― Creative Director, Sinead Donnelly and the Join the Dance Campaign team.

A hand-weaved piece of art, celebrating our local South African craft and design..

We collaborated with Andie Reeves, who lovingly created this very special piece for our AW '20 Collection Campaign. A handmade backdrop weaved with strips of offcuts fabric, natural jute and cotton rope.
It's a very special piece and hangs tall in our studio space..

Another hand-woven pair of chairs, celebrating our local South African craft and design..

We also commissioned a few local artisans to weave two unique handmade chairs for our AW '20 Collection. Supporting local craftsmanship is what inspires us most and through continued support, we are able to grow and support our local community.
Have a interesting idea in mind? Get in touch ― connect@samasama.co.za