About Us

'Sama Sama hopes to inspire good feelings within you, through the act of getting dressed, by embracing your surroundings and unique ideas; Whilst igniting an innermost creative expression, it is non-judgemental and welcoming.'It was lovingly created by Kimberly Lardner-Burke in early 2018, although the brand offers gendered pieces, our Classic Collection of trans-seasonal designs overlap and criss-cross, making for some core pieces of elegant inclusivity.The brand’s core intention is to offer “clothing designed to allow movement, unrestricted and with compassion for the body”.

Our Ethos

With ethics & sustainability as our innermost driving force, we create from only 100% natural and sustainable base-cloths being linens, hemps and organic cottons etc. We make a point to always support local fabric suppliers in, and around Cape Town, South Africa.We love our manufacturers, and through your support, we are able to keep their hands hard at work. We will slowly be sharing their story, who they are and what they do on a day to day basis. We are proud to support local manufacturing companies thatcrediblysupport and sustain ethical business and fair wage practice/s. All of our packaging is 100% biodegradable, and we are striving to minimize our use of single use plastics at all parts of our operation! 

Our Vision

We celebrate the innovators of today, offering a space for play, learning and discovery. We invite you to collaborate with others, embracing openness and discovering new friendships along the way :)  We are big believers in collaboration, and hope to through artists, photographers, and designers of all types, create unique designs that play on creativity of shared vision and ethos. We want for you, as the consumer to feel excited about wearing a Sama Sama piece, with it's versatile and user-friendly nature, working with good quality natural fabrics that last forever and'wears better with age'. 

With love always, 

Kimberly x